The Grillroom & Sushi Bar


The last thing anyone expected to be doing in the middle of the pandemic was launching a new establishment. But with the tables already set and the wines chilled, the Grillroom & Sushi Bar had to make good on their investment and fire up the grills.

The restaurant was a fine-dining fusion experience located in along the Embassy belt in Pretoria North.

The Solution

Undoubtedly one of our most challenging projects to date. The mandate was to drive foot traffic to the establishment as soon as the government lifted lockdown restrictions in the country. Once we received the green light we executed the following:

  1. Brand Positioning – The first step was finding the right audience and for that we segmented the audience into two. The first was daytime visitors who were primarily corporate patrons from the embassies, law firms and businesses and the second was evening visitors that was largely older couples and corporate executives.
  2. Brand Story Telling – #ExperienceExtraordinary. For The Grillroom we leaned into storytelling that unpacked how the head chef formulated and executed his signature dishes, how produce was sourced from local farmers and the care that went into crafting the wine cellar selections.
  3. Premium Content Creation – A significant budget was invested into creating high quality content. This included shooting near-TV ad quality videos, regular photoshoots and world-class copywriting.

The strategic advisory and activities implemented by the D&L team yielded significant positive outcomes for  The Grillroom & Sushi Bar. The following achievements were observed:

  1. Rapid Audience Growth: One of the immediate positive returns was the exponential growth of the brand’s social media platforms and overall visibility for the establishment.
  2. High Positive Sentiment: We were also able to ensure and maintain a high user satisfaction rate by synergising digital activities with in-person experiences. We collaborated closely with the front of house staff, culinary team and our community managers to foster this seamless experience.
  3. Stable Foot Traffic: We contributed significantly to sit-in patrons with 60% of bookings being generated and converted online.