Skukuza Golf Club

The Outcome

Kruger National Park’s best kept secret. Nestled right in the heart of South Africa’s iconic national park, Skukuza Golf Club is the only golf course in the world located in a national park that is not fenced off from the wildlife. However despite being a truly unique establishment, the course urgently needed a new brand position, marketing strategy and fresh lease on life to attract local and international guests.

The Solution

David & Langton implemented a comprehensive strategy that utilised multiple platforms and activities to enhance the course’s online presence and attract more guests. The adopted initiatives included:

  1. New Brand Position – We coined the phrase ‘The Wildest Golf Course In The World’ and aimed marketing directly at golfers who were looking for the most unique golfing experience ever.
  2. Enhanced Content Creation – We expanded the scope of content creation by installing trap cameras around the course to capture wild-footage as well as worked with the Skukuza grounds staff to capture guerilla style wildlife footage
  3. Target Ads – We focused on advertising the course to more international visitors with a keen focus on Germany, China, Australia, USA and the UK.

The outcomes of the approach were largely positive and included:

  1. High Brand Affinity: The course immediately became a popular page across Facebook and Instagram with both golfers and non-golfers marvelling at its seamless harmony between sport and nature. The course was ultimately featured by top publications such as Golf Digest and featured as a Must-Play course globally.
  2. Viral Content: Content on the course’s page regularly went viral. One of the top performing posts was footage of a giraffe being killed and eaten by a pack of lions in the middle of the fairway. It’s a video that garnered over 1 million views and is still one of the most popular golf course videos of all time.
  3. Increased Direct Bookings: The increased brand awareness culminated in improved bookings and increased bookings for the course as well as the course’s ancillary services such as the Pro Shop and the new restaurant, Henry’s.