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I know I know. You’ve only just finished figuring out TikTok and now they’ve slapped us with another platform to add to the content plans. Issa lot!

As you know, Threads is Mark Zuckerberg’s answer to Twitter. A bare bones, mainly text platform. 

Joining it is fairly simple. Currently, after downloading the app from your phone’s app store, it signs you up by linking directly to your Instagram account. This is perhaps the first side eye we’ll throw Mark’s way as a lot of us prefer to keep our IGs separate to our public personas. But we’ll give him a pass for now.

Once you’re signed up it’s pretty similar to the Twitter experience. It features multiple tweet-like posts populating the main timeline and that’s about it.

And so.. should you join? I say yes.

The reason? Well. When you’re part of the early adopters who hop onto a new platform first, you can generally leverage first user advantage. At the moment there aren’t a lot of people on Threads. It’s growing at what appears to be a decent rate thus far but for the most part it’s still a pretty low population town.

The benefit of this is that you gain followers pretty quickly and even more so if you actually put a little effort into being active. So much like how the early adopters of TikTok were able to amass thousands and hundreds of thousands of followers in those initial days, this is probably the second coming of that wave. Go collect those followers!

There’s then the question of content. No one wants to add yet another column to their content plan spread sheet. It’s tiring enough having to be insightful on LinkedIn, endearing on Instagram, witty on Twitter and relatable on Facebook. Now this?

For that my recommendation is simple. Repurpose your old content. Take some of your top posts from Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube transcripts and the like, throw it into to ChatGPT and ask it to turn it into some Threads. Just like that, you’ve got at least a month worth of content to tide you over while you sus out the platform. Gotta love generative AI.

All in all I’m personally not a fan of being in a hundred places at once. But if you or your brand are eyeing building a fresh audience, this just might be the train to hop onto.

Who knows, maybe Elon has met his match.

Viva la resistance!