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Marketing Strategy
That Actually Works.

Reimagine your strategy and truly connect with your customers.

Just like that great restuarant recommendation from a friend, your customers love to find their products and services through their personal circles, trusted referrals and of course, social media. Question is, are you a part of that conversation?

David & Langton helps brands find innovative and effective ways to place themselves in front of the right audience and convert that attention into meaningful revenue and brand affinity.

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Start your transformation

We’re here to help you stop wasting budget on suboptimal marketing and start running campaigns that actually yield results and returns.

What We Do

How We Work With You


We take a deep dive into your organisation, the industry and your audiences to gain a full understanding of the landscape



We turn non-obvious insights from working with 100+ brands and craft that into proven frameworks, strategies, and roadmaps to achieve your big goals.



We design easy-to-use internal structures, processes and oversights to ensure long term success of the new found strategic vision beyond our engagement tenure.



We collaborate with your team to offer strategic advice, idea soundboards and senior level support to ensure you always have a skilled resource you can rely on.


Let’s find what will actually drive your success.